Hello Friends!

Thank you for visiting the site. This page will give you all the details about ordering Graze boxes and trays this holiday season. Gatherings are different this year for some of you and I hope these boxes and trays will help! Here are a few details….

When are boxes available this season?

  1. Day before Thanksgiving ( Nov. 25th) afternoon delivery & Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th) mid day pick up W

What is the last day to order?

  1. Orders close on Nov 21st for Thanksgiving & December 21st for Christmas

Best way to contact if you have any questions?

  1. email, smallbitessweettreats@gmail.com or call 509 327 2201

Are there any options besides these boxes?

  1. Yes, we have catering options on the catering page of the website. Fell free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Thanksgiving Graze tray for 10

This Graze option includes a beautiful try that you will keep. Graze Box feeds 10 and has 5 cheeses, 4 different salamis, nuts, dried fruits, seasonal fruits, bread, olives, & spreads. All orders close on Nov. 21st and Delivery is Wed. Nov. 25th

175.00 $

Thanksgiving Graze Box

Happy Fall! It’s holiday season! Graze Box is 4-5 different meats, 4-5 cheeses, crackers, nuts, fruits, olives and spreads! The box is 16″ & enough for 10 people to snack on. Orders will be closed on Saturday the 21st of November. Delivery is Wed the 25th of November. Delivery is included with 10 miles of downtown Spokane. Please call 509 327 2201 for any questions.

135.00 $

Three 14″ graze boxes

This is the same size and ingredients as the single 16″ box but this order is 3 instead of 1 and a savings of $30. These three boxes can serve between 20-30 depending on your event. Orders close on Nov. 21st and Delivery is Wed. Nov. 25th. Call 509 327 2201 if you have any questions.

375.00 $

Individual boxes for 10 ( includes 10 boxes) For all the social distanced gatherings

For all your social distance needs. Individual boxes for your holiday gathering or office party. Each order includes 10 individually packed boxes with all the graze board goodness without the sharing. Includes Delivery. Please call to confirm your date is available, or for questions & special requests. 509 327 2201.

400.00 $