Three 14″ graze boxes ( can order for any day)

This is the same size and ingredients as the single 14" box but this order is 3 instead of 1 and a savings of $50 . These boxes can serve between 12-20 depending on your event. This particular item can be ordered any day of the week and delivery is an option depending on time and location.


Graze Box membership

So many of you have ordered boards or boxes multiple times and I appreciate your support more than you know! I want to provide a little savings and a perk to those of you that order regularly. This package offers a small discount to those that plan to continue ordering Friday boxes regularly. Buying 4 boxes ahead of time saves you $5 per box. You can choose what weeks you want to order and I will keep track for you. You can order your boxes each week for Friday pick up or pick and choose your Fridays. Your request must be in by the Wed. deadline. Box pickups are still always on Fridays from 4-5pm. Does not include special edition boxes


Graze box & Spa box Combo

This special edition was so popular we decided to make it available every week. It's the perfect birthday or congratulations gift! In addition, we have partnered with some of our favorites to create a mini spa box! golden ticket bath bomb from Beyoutiful Bath Bombs, rose water face spray, a chocolate charcoal mask & flhair ties from Emma Flhair, and a handmade face scrubbie from liss.lou.designs! Pick up is always on Fridays from 4-5pm


14” Graze box ( New item) ( Friday only)

This box is a 14" pizza box full of all the graze board goodness! It is enough for 4-5 people. We are serving 3 different types of meat, 4 kinds of cheese, fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, crackers, Bread, and a few other seasonal things. This is a great choice for dinner, a special celebration, or a picnic!


Delivery within Spokane County limits

We are now offering weekly delivery! The map shows the area we deliver to. Graze boxes are traveling in cooler bags but will not be dropped off in insulated bags at this time. So we do not recommend delivery unless you will be home to receive it. Delivery time is Friday from 3:30-5:30 depending on where you live. An email will be sent once it is dropped off.


Party Time ( 6 boxes & Delivery Any Day)

Graze boxes and pick up are available every Friday. If you need boxes another day of the week and want to have them delivered, here is the way! I know that you might have a Zoom meeting or office lunch or another digital gathering of some kind were these boxes would be a blessing to have delivered to make whatever you are doing that much more special! This package allows you to order any day of the week and delivery to one location or multiple locations is included. It is a six box minimum but you can add boxes if you need to for an extra $40 a box.


Picnic Graze Box May 29th

We love picnics so much! The weather this weekend is supposed to be amazing and we think you should go to the lake or sit buy your pool and this little graze box is the perfect lunch! We have put together another little picnic kit to go with this sweet little box. We also included a complimentary spritzer from Trader Joe's in this week's special!


Graze tray for 10

This tray is perfect for your office meeting, patio happy hour, family lake day! 5 cheeses, 4 different salamis, nuts, dried fruits, seasonal fruits, gluten free crackers, bread, olives, & chocolate! The tray is left and we arrange a connection to return the tray. Please email first to confirm the time you need a tray is available.