Event Packages

All menus are custom build depending on dietary needs and preferences. Every menu will provide 2-3 of each item per guest.

#1  $20 per person

four items & one 5ft charcuterie boards

#2  $25 per person

five items & one 5ft charcuterie boards

#3  $35 per person

five items & two 5ft charcuterie boards

Charcuterie Boards

These boards are an excellent addition to your small bites menu. When ordered for this purpose each 12″×18″ board can serve 3-5 people & a 5ft board can serve 25 to 35 depending on the size of your small bites menu & time of your event.

Level 1  A mixture of artisan breads, seasonal spreads, & dips

     12″×18″ board  $35

     5′ ×1′ board  $125

Level 2  Three kinds of cheese, salami, crackers, dried fruit, nuts, jam, honey, olives, bread, seasonal fruit.

     12″×18″ board  $60

     5’×1′ board  $250

Level 3  Five different craft cheeses, salami, prosciutto, capcollo, dried fruit, nuts, olives, breads, crackers, jams, honey, pickled onions or veggies, roasted garlic, & more

     12″×18″  market price (minimum of 3)

     5’×1′  market price

Business Lunches & smaller events ( max of 50 )

All items can be ordered ala cart in groups of 2 dozen. Must order at least 3 items. If you have a smaller event & would like to explore this option please contact me. I would love to help you create a custom menu.

Menu A  2 dozen $40

Menu B   2 dozen $35

Treats     2 dozen $30